The Pythagorean Comma

phythagorean comma

In the sixth century BC a contradiction in the physics of music was discovered

called the Pythagorean Comma. Until temperament matured in the eighteenth

century, clean harmony in musical instruments was impossible. Temperament

nullifies the Comma, and all Western music in all genres still relies on this today.

Euphony presents the answer to this 2,600 year-old mystery, including the solution

for the frequencies and ratios of all notes in all keys so that no Comma ever

manifests in any circumstance - not even in the overtones.

The physics of music is the physics of the universe. Nature is saturated with the

mathematics of music. Surveying this phenomenon culminates in presenting how

the spectrum of light corresponds to the solution of the Comma.

The Colours of Harmony can be seen for the first time.

A full copy of Euphony is provided here as a PDF

file. Euphony is the first of three books which bring

the different aspects of tuning, music theory,

harmony, harmonics, and the physics of musical

sounds into a single system of thought.

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